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Welcome to CigarStudent.com! My name is Heath, and this website is dedicated to those who want to learn more about cigars and cigar storage. I have had an on and off romance with tobacco over the last 20 years, and have recently settled into cigar smoking. I'm learning more and more about cigars every day, and it enhances my enjoyment of this hobby. Truly, I am a student of the cigar. If you are also a student of the cigar, wanting to learn more, or are new to cigar smoking and need no-nonsense, easy to understand information about cigars from someone who remembers what it means to have questions and need guidance, then you are on the right website. No question is stupid, I love talking about cigars, and you'll learn that soon enough.

CigarStudent.com is a perpetually new website, upgrading and updating on an ongoing basis, from myself and other CigarStudent.com users.

Register with us, log in, and ask questions, post articles, links, and join other CigarStudent.com users. You will have a personal experience here on CigarStudent.com that I ensure will be fun and informative. We will have articles on cigars, the proper way to light and smoke cigars, and the proper way to store cigars. We will compare and review cigars and cigar accessories. We have fun and informative articles on a variety of subjects, all centered around the cigar. We have links to other informative websites and retailers. Newsletter coming soon, so join us and above all...Enjoy!



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